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Type: miscellaneous
Added By: Rembo
Short Description:
Grep & Replace searches for a certain string (optional begin and end substrings) in text files and optionally replaces it with another string. 
Grep & Replace

* searches for files with specific extensions in a directory
* optinally searches in subdirectories of the main directory
* is able to exclude files created before a certain date & time
* searches for a very long strings that start with a specific substring
* optionally searches for long strings that end with another specific substring
* remove the found strings (thus cleaning the text file) or replace it with another string
* count the number of matches
* count the number of directories it found matches in
* optionally stores my settings

See also the screenshots at
Added: May 27 2010 at 3:21 PM
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Download the Excel application on and double click it to open. Make sure enable macros.

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