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Recent Additions

  1. Internet: Loading information from the internet in Excel using the XMLHTTP Object
    Please check the improved article on my new website here: This routine shows you how to use the XMLHTTP object to retrieve information from the internet in Excel. This object doesn't require an instance of Internet Explorer to be started and is generally considered to be faster then the IE Document object (which does require an IE instance). In addition this object has equivalent implementations in other browsers such as Mozilla, Safari, Konquerer, Icebrowser and Opera meaning written code around the XMLHTTP object can be easily ported for use with other browsers.
  2. Printing: Printing pages with a dynamic header or footer
    Please check the improved article on my new website here: In Excel you can set a header or footer to include dynamic data such as the pagenumber or time. However, there is no intrinsic function to add a subtotal for example. This routine shows a method for achieving such. It will calculate the sub total and grand total for a series of numbers and display them in the footer of each page.
  3. CommandBar: Creating a CommandBar with VBA
    This sub procedure creates a CommandBar and adds a few buttons and popups. It is only to demonstrate how to make it work. Both buttons with a caption, an icon and both are displayed.
  4. Display: Optimize calculation time by shutting of display during calculations
    To optimize the calculation speed for complex or many calculations you can stop refreshing the display until all calculations are done.
  5. Display: Synchronize displayrange and activecell when changing worksheets
    This code allows one to navigate between worksheets, where the visible range as well as the activecell are kept the same. For example: if one scrolls down and right and selects cell X55 (Activecell) and sets the zoom percentage to 75%, then moves to sheet2, then in this sheet the same screen will be shown including cell X55 selected.
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