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VBA: Tools and Applications

Grep & Replace - clean text files from unwanted text
Grep & Replace searches for a certain string (optional begin and end substrings) in text files and optionally replaces it with another string.

Forex Account Equity Historical Change Viewer
I'm involved with a program that is making me good money. It's unique in its kind and is based on trading opposite moving currency pairs and carrying trades. That sounds pretty impressive but the concept is very simple. It's really a nobrainer because all one has to do is a follow a recipe, takes me about 10 minutes a week to 'operate'. No special skill or knowledge needed to do this. Although the broker software is pretty slick it lacks some basic view options, for example, I can't view the historical account equity for a given portfolio. That is where this tool comes in; it shows your account fluctuation from any day in the past (max. 2000 days) till today including daily interest and excluding trading profits. The tool is preset with values I use in my real life account and as you will see, this can make anyone wealthy.

Free Translate - free translation application for direct use in Excel and Word
Do you ever have to translate text? Did you find it inconvenient to have to look up a word in a dictionary or open up your browser and get it translated by (multiple) free translation sites? Free Translate is a free application written in VBA that gives you easy access to free translations right from Word or Excel. It can copy and paste text from/to the clipboard or your document/workbook. You choose which translation sites are to be used. Of course you can save your preferred settings. There's no adware / nag-ware or any other annoying screens, just the translation application.

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