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VBA: Workbooks and Worksheets

Mailing selected information from Excel with Entourage (Outlook for Apple)
There's plenty of information available on how to automate sending a workbook with Outlook but it's hard to find information on how to do it with the Apple version of Outlook: Entourage. This routine shows you a basic method how to do that. The idea is to use MacScript to fire up Entourage and have it email your workbook.

Search for files (workbooks) and how many of them are already opened (Excel)
This procedure exists of two sub procedures and a function. It searches for files (workbooks to be precise) that match a filter criterium in a specific path. The user is prompted for these. It then returns the the number of matching files and how many of them are already opened by Excel.

Automatically open and close a workbook with changes saved
This routine opens a predefined workbook, will let you do some stuff with it, and then closes the workbook with changes saved. Before it opens the workbook it checks if actually is stored where it is supposed to be. If so, the workbook is opened. If not the user is presented with a browsing window so the workbook can be searched for. Once opened you can do do whatever you want with it (in the routine). When done the workbook is saved with changes.

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